Carman's Beatle Favorites Latest Results Page **

#DateNameFavorite Beatle SongFrom AlbumReason
0Thu 15 Oct 15 15:11:22 GenoSomething Abbey Road makes me think of Mela
1Fri 16 Oct 15 00:36:19 ChrisPaperback Writer Hey Jude That opening riff, that enhanced-audio bass line (an engineering innovation), and those vocal harmonies. I like the lyrics, too.
2Fri 13 Nov 15 11:18:21 DanielleI've Just Seen a Face Rubber Soul not specified
3Tue 24 Nov 15 12:46:07 BillMichelle Rubber Soul not specified
4Tue 24 Nov 15 12:48:02 MarieEleanor Rigby Revolver not specified
5Sun 21 Feb 16 16:08:57 Julie MasonJulia The White Album not specified
6Sun 21 Feb 16 16:09:34 Lonnie MasonLet It Be Let It Be not specified
** Tracklist will look similar to this; but subject to rearrangement